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She Speaks through her silence...

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Who is Yogini Shree Bhakti Mother - "The Mauni Mai”

Even in today’s physical environment, the spiritual and religious powers and the divinized personalities havekept humanism, world piece, love and brotherhood live and vibrant. In fact, these divinized personalities descend on this earth only in order to carryout acts of benevolence.

Mauni Maa is an embodiment of love, grace, and compassion, Maa stands as a constant source of inspiration for all. She is a source of light to those looking for an answer, peace, wisdom, and unconditional love.

Bhakti maa was born on 25th Dec 1922 in pokar khali Almora. Her parent were Shri Kunwar Singh and Radhika Devi. When she was born nobody knows on day she will turn as goddes of kumauon hills. Maa attracted toward god in her childhood only. Her toys were Idols of Radha Krishan and other God and Goddess, She use to spend her whole time looking at these Idols and playing with them.

Maa come in contact of Neem Kaurari Maharaji. Maa made babaji her Guru. Babaji only provoked her to keep silence and she kept Maun(silence). Since then she is silent and known a called  Mauni Mai. Adopting the vow of silence at an early age maa communicates by writing on a slate that she carries with her all the time. MAA IS SILENCE SINCE LAST58 YEARS. Though cryptic and pithy the notations on the slate are heavy in meaning and depth. Presently Maa had disciples all over the world.devotees do not do anything without the permission of maa. Every body had their own experience with Maa.

The life of reverend Mauni Maa, the founder of Bhaktidham, a divinized character in mundane form also serve as a light house on the spiritual path. The reverend Maa has been active on the path of spiritualvoyage, rearing her family, fulfilling her worldly responsibilities and at the same time being engrossed with divine meditation. Thus she has reached the extreme of Bhakti, practicing the knowledge(Gyan) of the Geeta through the synthesis of Bhakti and Karmyoga.

The intense devotee of Lord Krishna, Bhakti Maan hasstopped talking and adopted gestures as means of communication and expression, Silence observed by Shri Maa servers as nectar for her devotees. Just like her famous Guru Neem Karauri numerous divine anecdotes are associated with the life of Reverend Bhakti Maa that are uniqueas well as true.

Every individual in this mystic world needs a spiritual guidewhocan elaborate the reasonsfor things taking place around us. This can be possible only because of divine grace. The moment one comes into contact with the reverend Mauni Maa of Bhakti dham, thiskind of attitude and mindset begins to formulate. Not only this, the reverend Bhakti Maa has obliged herdevotees by making self realization possiblefor them with herself attaining higher and noble status in the realms of spirituality. Her devotees number in thousands.

Infinite number of men, women and children from all over the world are attracted towards Shri Maa. With whatever state of mind one comes to Shri Maan, he is obliged accordingly. Reverend Bhakti Maa has descended on the earth only for carrying out unending series of special divine tasks. It seems that the spiritual glow of her mentor Babajee reflected through Mauni Maa. The devotees have experienced a number of manifestations of his grace. She did hear voices that told her what religious and meditative practices to perform. She alsoencouraged her devotees to serve others.

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