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She Speaks through her silence...

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Silence Meditation Yoga

The silence of the master settles the doubts the disciples’, as if this statement is meant for Shri Bhakti Maa only. With the blessings of Bhakti Maa a number of activities have been taking place at the Bhaktidham Ashram, Naukuchiatal where local and other devotees coming form far off places participate to meliorate their lives. The religious activities of Shri Bhakti Maa include meditation, worshiping and all secrets of Sadhana. 

Three (3) Levels of Maun Yoga Sadhna:
1. Vaak Maun (Verbal Silence)
2. Kasth Maun (No movement of body parts)
3. Shusupt Maun (Complete Inner Silence)

Maun Sadhna

Maun Sadhana is all about jumping over the noise level and be in silence. During this process of Chintan. Inner self is distanced from the self due to all kind of mortal sound and silence. It is away from the physical acoustic theory where sound and silence cannot be scaled. Spiritual contemplative acoustic works on immortal plane allowing a close encounter of final kind where sound diminishes and sound no more sounds when eternal brightness engulf the soul with universal silence. The passage through Maun Sadhana ensures this enlightenment where worldly things never pulls us down .

You can actually stop the momentum of your habits and desires by listening. And in that, with the sound of silence, there's attentiveness. You don't have to close your eyes; you don't have to plug up your ears or ask somebody to leave the room; you don't have to do it in a special place - wherever you are it seems to work. It can be very helpful in a communal or family situation where life gets habitual. That is, in these situations, we get used to each other and then tend to operate through assumptions and habits that we don't even know about. Now the silence of the mind allows all these conditions to be what they are. But the ability to reflect on them in terms of arising and ceasing allows us to see that all the perceptions and ideas we have about ourselves are conditions of the mind, and not what we really are. What you think you are is not what you are.

So you say, 'What am I then?' But do you need to know what you are? You just need to know what you're not, that's enough. The problem is that we think we're all kinds of things that we're not and that's where we suffer. We don't suffer from not-self; wesuffer from being somebody all the time. That's where the suffering is. So when we're not anybody it's not suffering, it's a relief, it's like putting down a heavy burden of, self-consciousness, and fears of what other people think. The whole lot that's connected to the sense of our self, wecandrop. We can just let it go. What a relief to not be anybody! Or to not feel we're somebody that has got all kinds of problems

So we can listen; this listening is available to us all the time. At first maybe it's helpful to go to meditation retreats or situations where you have reminders around you, where you're supported, helping you to remember - because it's easy to fall right back into the old habits. This is especially the case with mental habits because they're subtle; and the sound of silence doesn't seem like anything worth listening to. You can appreciate the sound and also the silence.

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