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She Speaks through her silence...

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International Sadhaks

People from all over the world want to have peace of mind. Everybody likes withdrawing from the noise of attachments and work for finding solace at a peacefully beautiful location. These are the various possible reasons that people do retreats:

  • For relaxation and rejuvenation
  • For getting relief from the problems of life
  • For sorting the disturbance of the mind .
  • For clearly thinking about the direction of life.
  • For straightening the prioritie.

In order to find the Truth Bhakti Dham at Naukuchiatal has also been the abode of spiritual practice for many years. There have been thousands of sadhaks who have come here from all over the globe and meditated here. The meditation halls are filled with meditative vibes and it is so much easier to meditate there. The mind becomes free of all wrong notions and reaches absolute silence and bliss. The facilities at the center are meant to be utilized by everybody who really wants peace of mind. If you want to deepen your practice and want to do a retreat in a very peaceful and beautiful place, this could be the perfect location for you.

Even in today’s physical environment, the spiritual and religious powers and the divinized personalities have kept humanism, world piece, love and brotherhood live and vibrant. In fact, these divinized personalities descend on this earth only in order to carry out acts of benevolence. The life of reverend Mauni Maa, the founder of Bhaktidham, a divinized character in mundane form also severs as a light house on the spiritual path. The reverend Maa has been active on the path of spiritual voyage, rearing her family, fulfilling her worldly responsibilities and at the same time being engrossed with divine meditation.

Thus she has reached the extreme of Bhakti, practicing the knowledge (Gyan) of the Geeta through the synthesis of Bhakti and Karmyoga. The intense devotee of Lord Krishna, Bhakti Maan has stopped talking and adopted gestures as means of communication and expression, Silence observed by Shri Maa servers as nectar for her devotees. Just like her famous Guru Neem Karauri numerous divine anecdotes are associated with the life of Reverend Bhakti Maa that are unique as well as true.

Every individual in this mystic world needs a spiritual guide who can elaborate the reasons for things taking place around us. This can be possible only because of divine grace. The moment one comes into contact with the reverend Mauni Maa of Bhakti dham, this kind of attitude and mindset begins to formulate. Not only this, the reverend Bhakti Maa has obliged her devotees by making self realization possible for them with herself attaining higher and noble status in the realms of spirituality. Her devotees number in thousands. Infinite number of men, women and children from all over the world are attracted towards Shri Maa. With whatever state of mind one comes to Shri Maan, he/ she is obliged accordingly.

Reverend Bhakti Maa has descended on the earth only for carrying out unending series of special divine tasks. It seems that the spiritual glow of her mentor Babajee reflected through Mauni Maa. The devotees have experienced a number of manifestations of his grace.

So for the enlightened mind it's not a matter of having the best, is it? It's not that you need to have the best health and the best conditions, the best of everything in order to really make it - because that feeds a sense of yourself as being somebody who can only operate from having the very best of everything. But when we begin to realise that the disabilities, the flaws and the strange things that we each have are not obstructions then we're seeing them in the right way. We can respect them and be willing to accept and use them in order to get beyond our attachment to them. If we practise like this, we can be free from identifying and from being attached to those perceptions of ourselves as being this or that. And this is the marvellous thing that we can do as human beings: it allows us to use the whole of our lives, and it's an on-going process.

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